Harrington Calls AHCA Passage a Win for Trump

• May 5, 2017 1:29 am


Washington Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington said the passage of the American Health Care Act was a huge legislative win for President Trump during an appearance Thursday on Fox News.

Harrington was interviewed by host Neil Cavuto, who asked whether the AHCA's passage in the House "greased the skids" for other items on Trump's legislative agenda.

"I think this health care legislation was a huge legislative win for Trump that he desperately needed," Harrington said. "It's funny, because six weeks ago, the media narrative line is health care is dead, forget about repealing Obamacare. This is over."

"Really what was happening," Harrington continued, "Trump was learning on the job. Republicans never gave up on this bill. He actually got more involved, was personally calling a lot of members that changed their mind on this to get this done."

Harrington was positive about how this experience reflected on Trump's legislative chances.

"Obviously health care is a long ways away from being finished, but he can use this experience, get momentum from it and apply all of these–this learning on the job to tax reform, which he is very dedicated to," she added.

Cavuto asked Harrington about the president's "hot and cold" relationship with the House Freedom Caucus, describing Trump as taking a "carrot and stick" approach. Harrington agreed, describing it as "classic Trump."

"He will reward you and love you when you do things for him, when he gets you to change his mind. He doesn't hold a grudge against you," she said.

"It's not personal, it's business with him," Harrington continued. "So of course, he's not going to invite the Republicans who didn't vote for the bill to celebrate at the White House in the Rose Garden."

Harrington was making reference to the president's appearance with a number of House Republicans in the White House Rose Garden after the bill passed. If you did not vote with Trump, Harrington argued, you should not expect to party with him afterwards.