Feds Spend $30,410 for ‘Beauty Salon’ in Minnesota Federal Prison

‘Porcelain shampoo bowls,’ ‘Massage Tables’

• March 13, 2014 5:30 pm


The government is spending over $30,000 for "beauty salon" equipment for a women’s federal prison, an order that includes "porcelain shampoo bowls," eight nail stations, and four massage tables.

Minnesota’s Federal Correction Institution Waseca, which houses 1,030 inmates, put in an order on Thursday for multiple salon items.

The list includes eight "Jeffco Rocket Styling Chairs," "four Belvedere Adara Floor Vanities," and four "Classic Spa Portable Massage Tables."

Additionally, the government bought four "Pibbs Footbaths," two "Commercial Model Super Nine Wig Dryers," three "Belvedere dryer chairs," and four "Belvedere cast iron porcelain shampoo bowls." The porcelain bowls includes "vacuum breakers and fixtures."

The salon will also have a reception area with four chairs, and eight "Dina Meri Mani-go Nail Stations."

The total cost of the contract comes to $30,410.23.

Though Waseca is getting a host of new equipment, the inmates will not be getting their hair dyed.

"Inmates are not allowed to dye their hair with any product," the prison’s orientation handbook states.  "Inmates dying or highlighting their hair may be subject to disciplinary action."

After visiting the salon, inmates can sunbathe in the recreation yard, which is permitted on "weekends, Federal Holidays, and weekdays."

Jeffrey Skilling, the former CEO of Enron, began his 24-year stint at Waseca in 2006, before the prison was converted into an all female facility.