Economy and Terrorism Named Top Priorities for Obama and Congress in 2016

Fifty-one percent say Obama’s failures will outweigh his accomplishments


Strengthening the economy and protecting the U.S. from future terrorist attacks topped the list of priorities for Obama and Congress in 2016, according to the latest survey from the Pew Research Center.

Seventy-five percent of Americans said these were the biggest concerns for the nation. "A tier below these top issues, about two-thirds call improving the educational system (66%) and improving the job situation (64%) top priorities for the country," states the analysis.

Sixty-one percent are concerned with reducing health care costs, 51 percent say immigration is a top concern and 49 percent say strengthening the military is a top issue in 2016.

"Fewer than half say reforming the criminal justice system should be a top priority (44%)," the report states. "Even fewer cite dealing with global climate change (38%) or dealing with gun policy (37%) as top priorities for the country."

While more Americans, 51 percent, believe Obama will accomplish a great deal or some of what he would like to accomplish in the next year, 46 percent say he will not. Despite this, more Americans believe his failures will outweigh his accomplishments.

"In the long run, more (51%) think that the Obama administration’s failures will outweigh its accomplishments than say its accomplishments will outweigh its failures (39%)," states Pew.