Cotton Invites Obama To Visit Arkansan Obamacare Victims


Congressman Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) released a video Friday inviting President Obama to visit those who have been negatively affected in Arkansas.

"This week, President Obama announced a 23-day PR blitz to tout his signature program, Obamacare. I’d like to invite the President to bring his Obamacare roadshow to Arkansas, so he can see firsthand the devastating effects the law is having on Americans who live outside Washington DC."

Cotton listed a number of demographics that have been hurt by Obamacare in his state: 50,000 families who have lost their insurance plans; workers who have been laid off or had their hours cut; families with higher premiums and deductibles; and seniors who have seen their doctor dropped from Medicare or their insurance network.

"The President can meet with them if had the courage to come to Arkansas," Cotton said.

Cotton also referenced Sen. Mark Pryor, the Congressman’s Democratic opponent in the state’s Senate race, saying Pryor has called Obamacare good for America and an "amazing success story". "Obamacare is not working," Cotton asserted, "and it’s time for the President and Senator Pryor to admit it."

Pryor and Cotton are currently neck-and-neck in recent polling.

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