Cornyn: VA Scandals 'Disgraceful, Unacceptable'

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) expressed his dismay at the latest VA scandals emanating out of the state of Texas Wednesday on the Senate floor.

VA whistleblower Brian Turner alleged the Austin, San Antonio, and Waco VA offices directed subordinates to input false appointment times to manipulate efficiency performance reports.

Cornyn said he is particularly disturbed about these allegations considering Texas's proud tradition of military service.

The Texas Senator also touched on former associate Chief of Staff of the Arlington VA clinic Dr. Richard Krugman's allegations that some veterans experienced extremely long wait times for routine examinations such as colonoscopies and cancer screenings. Krugman said he believes some the veterans actually died as a result of those waits.

"It appears that the problems with the Veterans Administration are systemic. What we have here is nothing less than a betrayal, a betrayal of our nation's veterans and a betrayal of the American people," Cornyn said.

Cornyn concluded he is particularly troubled by the VA scandal because he has the opportunity to host young Texans and future veterans who are being sent to America's service academies.

"These young people should be given not just a promise but an ironclad commitment that after serving our nation with honor and courage, they will get the support that they have earned and that they deserve. Anything less is just not acceptable."