Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Caught Having Sex With ‘Numerous’ Women at the Office


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Achief deputy U.S. Marshal was caught having sex with numerous women at the office, according to the inspector general.

"The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated an investigation of a Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal (CDUSM) based on information it received that the CDUSM engaged in misconduct by engaging in sexual activity with numerous different women within government space," the inspector general said in an investigative summary released Monday.

The inspector general confirmed the allegations and said the marshal would not be prosecuted.

"The OIG substantiated the allegation that the CDUSM engaged in sexual activity with several different women within government space, contacted some of the women identified and encouraged them not to disclose to the OIG any information concerning their sexual activity within the government space, and initially lied to the OIG about his sexual activity on government property," the inspector general said.

"The OIG also found that in connection with his personal relationships, the CDUSM allowed multiple unauthorized non-government employees whom he was dating to park their personal vehicles within and in front of government property," the inspector general added.

The marshal also gave a reporter nonpublic information about a case involving a fugitive and regularly brought his dog to work, against the government's policies.

"Prosecution was declined," the inspector general said.

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