A Prayer and a Pistol Keep 79-Year-Old Woman Safe From Home Intruder

A customer shops for a pistol / Getty Images

A 79-year-old Georgia woman is safe after firing two shots at a 20-year-old man who broke into her house last week.

In the early afternoon of February 12, the woman called 911 from her Jackson County, Ga., home. She told the operator a man was trying to break into her home while she was inside. She begged police to hurry up and help her.

"I'm just scared, Ma'am," the woman can be heard saying on the 911 call. "Please hurry. Please hurry," she pleads. "Please, please dear God. Lord have mercy. Please. Please."

As the burglar broke into her home, the woman became defiant at the threat. Armed with her pistol, she warned the burglar not to come near her.

"Okay, come on up in here!" the woman can be heard saying on the call. "I got something for you!"

As she heard the burglar approaching, she fired a shot at him. That was enough to scare the burglar away from his first attempted entry. It was not, however, enough to keep him from trying again at an upstairs door.

The woman was not deterred by the persistence of the burglar. As he ransacked the second floor of her home, the woman took another shot in the direction of the noise and warned him not to come down to where she was.

"I'm waitin' on ya', come on!" the woman shouted at the burglar. "When you come down those stairs I'm gonna blow your damn brains out!"

After an extended 10-minute ordeal, police finally arrived on the scene to find the burglar hiding in a closet. WXIA reported the man was hiding because he was afraid of getting shot by the woman.

"She didn't allow herself to become a victim," the woman's daughter told WXIA. "My mother's a very strong woman. I know where I get my strength from, now. As a matter of fact, I think she's a little stronger.

"I don't know if I could have handled that situation as well as she did."