A New Glitch Has Emerged In The Obamacare Exchanges

Passwords Are Being Deleted

October 17, 2013

Eager Americans who signed up for Obamacare within the first week of the healthcare website’s launch are experiencing technical problems.CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen discussed the website glitches with Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

Cohen signed up for a username and password on the Obamacare website on October 9th. She has attempted to log in with the username and website every day since then, trying at different times of the day, but this has proved to be unsuccessful. Cohen went online and found reports that other Americans were experiencing the same problem.

She attempted to resolve the problem by calling the 1-800 health line and talking online with five health care agents on the Obamacare website. The five agents all told Cohen the same thing: if someone created a username and password within the first week to ten days of the Obamacare website launch (approximately October 1 to October 10), they would likely experience problems. Users can continue to try to login, but it will not work. The agents also said that the problems were caused by an upgrade.

Cohen spoke with Administration officials, who told her that the agents gave her incorrect information. The Administration officials said that passwords were not deleted and suggested that Cohen create a new account, which she successfully did. The officials added that they are constantly trying to improve the website and reassured her that the problem has since been fixed.

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