WATCH: Christie Says He'd 'Absolutely' Send US Troops To Rescue American Hostages in Gaza

December 6, 2023

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie would "absolutely" send U.S. troops to Gaza to rescue American hostages held by Hamas, he said during Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate.

"I would absolutely, absolutely," Christie said after being asked if he would "send American troops in to rescue those hostages."

"If they had a plan which showed me that we could get them out safely," he continued, "you're damn right I'd send the American Army in there to get our people home and get them home now."

An October Washington Free Beacon poll found American voters back the policy. Seventy-three percent of respondents said they support deploying U.S. Marines to rescue American hostages in Gaza.

The Biden administration on Wednesday said "some Americans" are among the hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza.