Leading Boston Mayoral Candidate Backs Paid Family Leave For Abortions

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August 30, 2021

The leading candidate for Boston mayor said paid family leave should cover women who get an abortion. 

Boston ​​city councilor Michelle Wu, who holds a narrow lead in mayoral race polls, said the city's family leave plan should be expanded to give women paid time off after getting an abortion. The comments came during a campaign event promoted by Planned Parenthood and NARAL

"[City council members] are revising those rules to make sure we are clear about including pregnancy loss and termination as well," Wu said, according to the NewBostonPost

Termination is the term used by abortion providers to describe the killing of an unborn child. Planned Parenthood's own literature downplays the seriousness of obtaining an abortion, touting the procedure's quick recovery time. Women who get an abortion can go to work the next day and have sex "as soon as you feel ready," according to Planned Parenthood. 

Boston expanded its family leave policy in May to cover up to 12 weeks of pay. The Democrat-dominated city council discussed potentially expanding the policy to cover women receiving abortions during a July meeting

"There are times where you will terminate a pregnancy and that may or may not be a reason why you need to take some time," City Councilor Lydia Edwards said. "I don't know that that's really any of our business to determine whether it's a stillbirth or a miscarriage or for whatever reason you lost your pregnancy, and that's why we use the term loss of pregnancy."

An Emerson poll shows Wu leading the race to replace Democrat Marty Walsh, who resigned in March to become President Joe Biden's labor secretary, by 6 points. Wu has been endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.). 

The election will be held on Nov. 2.