GOP Leader McCarthy Secures Record Fundraising Haul

Raises $43.6 million in first half of 2021, more than any House Republican

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) / Getty Images
July 14, 2021

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) reported record fundraising numbers through the first half of 2021, a boost to Republican efforts to retake the House majority in the upcoming midterm elections.

McCarthy raised $43.6 million through the second quarter of 2021, his campaign says, beating out all other House Republicans. The congressman also surpassed the record he set in the first half of 2019 of $33.7 million.

The Republican leader's campaign has shared from its pool of funds this year to bolster the party's electoral efforts across the country. McCarthy transferred nearly $13 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee and gave millions directly to state parties and incumbents in contested districts.

"Americans across the country are showing they want a new way forward," McCarthy said following the announcement of his fundraising numbers. "The Biden-Pelosi agenda has stalled the economic recovery from the pandemic and increased prices on everyday items, costing Americans more of their hard-earned cash.... Under a Republican-led House, we will return our economy to the greatest in the world and ensure every American can get back to work."

House Republicans have excelled in fundraising this year. The NRCC posted record fundraising numbers in the second quarter, its largest ever in an off year. The committee outraised its Democratic counterpart this quarter, and with its $20 million June haul has had four straight record-breaking fundraising months.