Biden: 'You’ll Know My Opinion on Court Packing When the Election Is Over'

October 8, 2020

Joe Biden told reporters Thursday he would reveal his stance on expanding the size of the Supreme Court the day after the election.

"You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over," Biden said during a joint appearance with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) in Arizona. He said his position would become a "distraction" if he were to state it.

Biden has repeatedly dodged on the question of whether he supports expanding the size of the Supreme Court. During the first presidential debate, Biden refused to take a position on court packing.

"Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue," he said.

Harris also refused to state a position during the debate with Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday, even after repeated questioning.

Biden had earlier in his career opposed expanding the size of the Supreme Court, calling it a "bonehead" move that would hurt the institution's legitimacy. During this past Democratic primary, Biden said he opposed packing the Supreme Court.

"We begin to lose any credibility the Court has at all," he said in 2019.