Arizona Dem To Campaign With Group That Promoted ‘F— the 4th’ Event

Kirsten Engel (Campaign Website)
September 23, 2022

House candidate Kirsten Engel (D., Ariz.) will campaign Friday with a group that promoted a "Fuck the 4th" rally on Independence Day to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Engel, a University of Arizona law professor, will hold a meet-and-greet with the Pima County Democratic Party’s Young Voter Engagement Committee in Tucson on Friday night. The group came under fire in July for promoting a "Fuck the 4th" event held by the Tucson Women’s March chapter to "mourn" the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. Both Republicans and Democrats condemned the event. "How does this help us WIN? ... Take this trash down!" said Democratic secretary of state candidate Adrian Fontes. Arizona state senate president Karen Fann said the post showed the Pima County Democrats "don’t care about our country or those who fought and died for our freedoms."

Engel’s links to left-wing groups could undercut her run for the open seat in Arizona’s sixth district, which Democrats consider a "must-win" in order to maintain control of the House. Engel’s campaign conducted an internal poll which had her leading Republican Juan Ciscomani 49-47, though election analysts have given Republicans a slight advantage in the district.

It is not the first time Engel has worked with groups behind controversial causes. She solicited donations in 2020 for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a left-wing organization that has bailed murderers out of jail, the Washington Free Beacon reported. She signed a pledge during the primary to support legislation for reparations promoted by a group that supports the movement to defund police. She met with activists for a voter registration event from Living United for Change in Arizona, a pro-immigration group that came under fire for harassing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in a bathroom last year.

Engel’s campaign and the campaign for Sen. Mark Kelly (D., Ariz.) sponsored a gala for the Pima County Democratic Party earlier this month. Engel contributed $3,000 to the event, while Kelly gave $500. Engel’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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