WATCH: Fetterman Struggles Through Press Conference

May 19, 2023

Sen. John Fetterman (D., Pa.) struggled through a press conference with fellow Democrats on Thursday.

"The entire GOP debt ceiling negotiation is a sad charade. And that's exactly what's wrong ... about what's wrong ... when Washington," Fetterman said. The senator and other Democratic lawmakers spoke about their letter urging President Joe Biden to use the Fourteenth Amendment to avoid a default on the budget.

The senator struggled to complete sentences during his remarks. "An unelected Supreme Court justice will try to blow up our economy. That's on them ... if they have to ... judge on that," Fetterman said.

Fetterman’s office has attempted to mask his difficulties with clear communication, including by sending doctored versions of his quotes to journalists.

The media also cover for the senator, framing his health struggles as a strength. In an MSNBC interview earlier this month, host Joe Scarborough asked Fetterman if he gets "inspiration from people like Lincoln" who "fought" depression and "changed the world."

CBS News last month asked the senator during an interview whether he has ambitions for a White House run.

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