US Attorney Flacks for Embattled Soros DA Hours After Taking Office

Rachael Rollins stumped for George Gascón amid recall effort

Police tape at the Beverly Hills home of 81-year-old murder victim Jacqueline Avant / Getty Images
December 9, 2021

Rachael Rollins, the newly minted U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, joined embattled Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascón (D.) at a press conference Wednesday afternoon amid a renewed push to remove him from office.

Gascón, who was elected with the help of a $2 million contribution from liberal moneyman George Soros, is facing a recall effort just one year into his tenure amid a spike in violent crime. Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), who led the opposition to Rollins's confirmation, criticized her for politicking on the west coast the day she became the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts.

"Rachael Rollins decided a long time ago that her politics were more important than keeping Americans safe from criminals," Cotton told the Washington Free Beacon. "It's no surprise to see her promoting another soft-on-crime district attorney backed by George Soros instead of doing her duty."

For recall organizers, Wednesday's event was a reminder that Gascón commands support from a sprawling national network that fiercely defends its allies. Organizers also saw the press conference as further proof that the DA is elevating left-wing criminal justice causes over workaday office business. Los Angeles is reeling from a string of smash-and-grab robberies at major retailers and soaring gun violence.

"To 'celebrate' his first year in office, George Gascón stood with none of his prosecutors, no victims, no local law enforcement, no local elected officials, and no families, instead choosing out-of-state George Soros funded DAs who have no connection to LA. Think about that," said Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami, a Los Angeles prosecutor who has been a fierce Gascón critic.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department data show that since 2019 car thefts are up 53 percent. The city surpassed last year's number of murders, 355, at the end of November.

In recent weeks, an 81-year-old woman was murdered by armed intruders at her Beverly Hills home and a 13-year-old boy was killed in broad daylight in the streets near his elementary school.

Gascón took questions for almost 90 minutes, many of which touched on the nascent recall effort. He had sharp words for one of his most pointed critics, Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva (D.).

"My dad used to say that when you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy and the pig likes it," Gascón said. He later walked back the remark.

Gascón and Rollins were joined on stage by Soros-funded DAs from around the country, including Chicago's Kimberly Foxx (D.). Other Soros acolytes issued statements of solidarity with Gascón.

"I am proud to stand alongside District Attorney Gascón, who is implementing smart, evidence-based policies that will deliver safer, healthier communities in Los Angeles. It is the same thing I am doing in Arlington County, Va., and that reform-minded prosecutors are doing in every corner of the country," said Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (D.), who was elected commonwealth's attorney for Arlington County, Va., with the help of a six-figure donation from Soros's Justice and Public Safety PAC.

Gascón practically ended pre-trial detention for criminal defendants. He abolished cash bail and issued a directive that in all cases requires a presumption in favor of pre-trial release. He also set internal guidelines designed to avoid charging crimes that trigger mandatory sentence enhancements. Gascón in March forbade prosecutors from seeking the death penalty for two accused child killers.