This Is the Future Liberals Want: Reckless Cyclist Brawls with Naked Hippie Outside Burger Joint Flying Gay Pride Flag

Just another day in Portland, Oregon

September 14, 2023

What happened: An obnoxious cyclist careened recklessly through traffic before starting a fight with a nude hippie in front of a trendy burger joint displaying the gay pride flag in its front window while a couple of stoner bros looked on and captured the incident on video.

• In case it wasn't obvious already, the incident took place in Portland, Ore., a haven for left-wing degenerates, mired in squalor, the result of decades of Democratic misrule.

• As the Washington Free Beacon reported last month, the situation in Portland has gotten so bad that residents are being terrorized by "cocaine raccoons."

Pics or it didn't happen: Here you go. Enjoy!

What they're saying: "This is the best shit ever, bro," said one of the stoner dudes looking on. "Only in Portland."

• "This is the culture Democrats create when given power," the Citizen Free Press wrote on X, the social networking website formerly known as Twitter.

• "I've never seen a more perfect encapsulation of a post-civilizational West Coast city," journalist Jarrett Stepman remarked.

Why it matters: This is the future liberals want. Deranged cyclists terrorizing law-abiding motorists. Naked hippies prancing. Random fistfights in the street. Trendy restaurants destined to close due to rampant crime and vagrancy. Performative wokeness in the window.

Bottom line: Don't let Democrats destroy your city.

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