This Democrat Living On Nearly $400,000 Is 'Frustrated' By Inflation

October 10, 2022

Can someone living on nearly $400,000 a year relate to the average American scraping to get by amid skyrocketing inflation? Ohio Democrat Greg Landsman seems to think so.

During a debate earlier this month, Landsman, who is running in Ohio’s first district against Republican Rep. Steve Chabot, said the rising prices of gas and groceries has "been very frustrating" for him and his wife. But Landsman’s household income, according to finance documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, totaled more than $380,000.

Landsman’s remarks were reminiscent of Michigan Democrat Hillary Scholten, who released an ad last month alleging that rising consumer prices mean she can no longer afford new shoes for her children. Scholten earned $200,000 last year as an immigration attorney.

The average household income for the district Landsman is running in was $62,488 in 2020. That means Landman’s household income is more than six times the average.

The bulk of Landsman’s family income comes from his wife, who makes $275,000 as an executive at a retail data company. Landsman himself made over $100,000 from his Cincinnati City Council salary, his personal business, and a nonprofit.