Pain at the Pump: Virginia Dems Block Youngkin's Gas Tax Holiday

Now-governor Glenn Youngkin (R., Va.) pumps a supporter's gas in October / Getty Images
April 27, 2022

Virginia Senate Democrats voted to kill Republican governor Glenn Youngkin's proposed gas tax holiday even as the state's average gas price inches back up to four dollars.

All 11 Democrats on the Finance and Appropriations Committee voted Wednesday against Youngkin's proposal, which would have waived the Old Dominion's gas tax for 90 days. One Republican, state senator Emmett Hanger, joined the Democrats to block the tax holiday, 7News DC's Nick Minock reported.

Virginians last week showed up at the state Capitol to express their support for the proposal.

"This is something that is common sense," one person told the House Finance Committee. "Why would you vote against this? Why would you vote to take money out of my family's mouth?"

"Virginia families need relief," another person told the committee. "Thank God we have Governor Youngkin, who is working to help Virginia families."

The Republican-controlled House of Delegates passed the tax holiday, but the Senate's vote Wednesday stopped the bill in its tracks. Democrats have a narrow majority in the upper chamber.

The Senate committee's vote comes as Virginia's average gas price hovers around four dollars. As of April 27, it stands around $3.96, the American Automobile Association found. The highest average ever recorded in the state was $4.26 on March 11.

Commenters on Minock's tweet seemed to be angry but unsurprised at the committee Democrats' action.

"Not listening to voters again," one person wrote.