North Carolina Dem Ditches Far-Left Fundraising Group After Receiving Establishment Support

Senate candidate Cheri Beasley quietly abandons 'Squad' members
January 19, 2022

The frontrunner in North Carolina's upcoming Democratic Senate primary quietly removed herself from a joint fundraising committee with far-left Democrats such as Rep. Cori Bush (Mo.), a member of Congress's socialist "Squad" and one of the House's most liberal members.

Shortly after announcing her Senate bid in April 2021, Cheri Beasley joined Lead the Way 2022, a joint fundraising committee cofounded by Bush and other far-left lawmakers and candidates, according to campaign filings. The group, which is associated with Way to Lead PAC, was created to boost candidates with "bold progressive values."

But filings show that Beasley, who has now solidified her frontrunner status by receiving establishment support, quietly removed herself from the far-left committee last year in an apparent attempt to shift to the center ahead of a general election campaign.

When Beasley first announced her Senate bid, she faced a daunting potential Democratic primary from state senator Jeff Jackson and former Senate candidate Erica Smith. Since then, the Democratic establishment has cleared the way for Beasley's nomination. Jackson dropped out of the race entirely, and Smith is running instead for an open House seat. North Carolina Democratic governor Roy Cooper this month endorsed Beasley's Senate campaign. Cooper did not respond to a request for comment.

Candidates in Beasley's former fundraising organization are required to embrace "bold progressive values" that include "anti-militarization," "economic justice," and "racial and gender justice," according to the group's now-inactive website.

The political damage for Beasley raising money with several socialists, however, is likely already done. While Beasley formally removed herself from the committee in late 2021, the group's fundraising page continues to route money to Beasley's campaign, giving it at least $10,000. She remains prominently featured on its ActBlue fundraising page.

Beasley did not respond to requests for comment about leaving Lead the Way. Bush did not respond to a request for comment on Beasley leaving the committee.

In addition to its direct ties to an anti-military, anti-police member of Congress, Lead the Way 2022 has partnered with Dream Defenders, a George Soros-funded group that wants to boycott Israel and abolish ICE.

Other Democrats running in tossup elections around the country remain associated with the joint fundraising committee. They include Wisconsin lieutenant governor and Senate candidate Mandela Barnes and New York House candidate Brittany Ramos DeBarros, an avowed socialist and exotic dancer.

Beasley has sounded a more moderate tone in her Senate campaign. Her website emphasizes support for veterans and small towns and makes no mention of defunding the police and military.

The Cook Political Report has rated the North Carolina Senate race to replace retiring Republican senator Richard Burr a tossup. Republicans carried the state in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.