Katie Porter Responds to Toxic Workplace Allegations: 'Lots of the So-Called Bad Bosses Are Women'

Rep. Katie Porter (D., Calif.) / Getty Images
April 17, 2023

Rep. Katie Porter (D., Calif.) on Monday responded to allegations that she verbally abused her staffers, saying that women and people of color are often labeled "bad bosses."

Porter appeared on The View to address allegations that she created a toxic workplace for her staffers. 

"I am incredibly proud of my staff. … I’m so grateful for them," Porter said, before deflecting criticism by suggesting allegations of toxic workplaces are sexist and racist. "Lots of the so-called bad bosses are women and disproportionately people of color."

Staffers for Porter told the media that Porter made "rude and racist comments" to staffers and "ridiculed people for reporting sexual harassment."

"She just talks to staffers however she wants," a Navy veteran and former staffer for Porter said.

Allegations of abuse in Porter's office come as she complains about the difficulty of sharing a workspace with Republican colleagues.

"It is hard to go to work every day with Marjorie Taylor Greene as a colleague," Porter said last week.

More accusations of abuse by Porter surfaced last week, when the Daily Mail reported on her ex-husband's decade-old divorce filings against her alleging that she verbally and physically abused him, at one point dumping a pot of boiling mashed potatoes on his head.

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