Harris: Biden and I 'Would Never Condone Violence or Destruction of Property'

Harris promoted nonprofit that bailed out violent offenders in Minneapolis

September 3, 2020

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) told a Minneapolis news station Wednesday that she and Joe Biden would "never condone violence or destruction of property," but she promoted a nonprofit that bailed out people arrested for violent offenses in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

"Joe and I would never condone violence or destruction of property by any means," Harris told WCCO-Minneapolis. "That's not peaceful protests, that's not protected by the Constitution, and it's not OK."

When riots and looting ensued following the death of Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May, Harris urged her Twitter followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help "those protesting on the ground." Thirteen Biden campaign staffers also donated to the organization. Among those the group bailed out was Jaleel Stallings, who is charged with attempted murder after shooting at SWAT team members during the riots, and Chylen Evans, who was accused of looting several stores.

Thanks in part to promotion by Harris and liberal celebrities, the Minnesota Freedom Fund raised a staggering $35 million in the weeks following Floyd's death after only raising $100,000 in all of 2018. Ninety-two percent of those arrested in the Minneapolis protests did not have to pay bail, according to the Washington Post, allowing the MFF to use the windfall to bail out defendants charged with violent felonies, including murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

After weeks of silence about left-wing violence in major cities and criticism from President Donald Trump, Biden and Harris have denounced destructive riots and looting in cities like Portland and Kenosha, Wis., this week.

Minnesota governor Tim Walz (D.) estimated the riots following Floyd's death caused $500 million in damage to the Twin Cities.