Which Things on Your Thanksgiving Table are Bulletproof?


Have you ever wondered which parts of your Thanksgiving dinner can withstand the 1600 foot pounds of muzzle energy and 1550 feet per second muzzle velocity a .50 AE round contains?

If so, Bullet Safe, a company that manufactures bulletproof vests, has the answers. In their latest YouTube video, they test which Thanksgiving favorites can stand up to a monster round fired from a monster Desert Eagle. They shoot frozen turkeys, pumpkin pies, and apple cider.

After showing that the Bullet Safe vests can successfully stop three .50 AE shots, the host moves on to testing the frozen turkeys. Amazingly a single frozen turkey was enough to stop the shot and protect its two frozen friends.

"Turns out a frozen turkey will stop a bullet from a .50 cal Desert Eagle," the host said. "This turkey gave its life so that these other two could end up on my dinner table."

The other tests didn't go quite as well. Five ready-to-bake pumpkin pies stacked against each other could not stop the .50 AE round. Five gallons of apple cider stacked against each other also failed to stop the powerful ammunition.

"Pumpkin pie does not stop bullets," the host said.

The host summed things up nicely after taking a swig of apple cider from one of the blown out jugs. "There you have it," he said.

"Not a lot of things about Thanksgiving are bulletproof."

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Stephen Gutowski is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He founded his own site as a junior in college and has been writing about news and politics since that time. He spent 4 years with the Media Research Center and was most recently with the Capitol City Project. His email address is Gutowski@FreeBeacon.com. His twitter handle is @StephenGutowski.

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