Tucker Carlson: 'I've Never Had an Interview Like This in My Life'

December 16, 2016

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called his interview with Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald on Thursday night the most bizarre one he has ever done.

Carlson was accusing Eichenwald of being "an advocate"rather than an objective, non-partisan journalist. Eichenwald disputed Carlson's assertion, and in the debate that followed, the two interrupted each other frequently.

Eichenwald then tried to turn the tables on Carlson, holding up a binder labeled "Tucker Carlson Falsehoods." This drew a laugh from Carlson, who said that he appreciated the move.

Eichenwald then demanded that Carlson give an example of a piece he had written that would substantiate his claims.

The Fox News host then read a tweet of Eichenwald's in which he called Trump mentally insane.

"But the next day you say quite ironically and I'm quoting, 'I believe [Donald] Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990, which is why he won't release his medical records,'" Carlson said. "Do you see a little irony that on one day you're criticizing the press for being lazy and inaccurate and the next day you yourself are being lazy and inaccurate?"

Eichenwald laughed at Carlson and then rephrased the question how Eichenwald felt a "journalist" would ask it, explaining his tweet criticizing Trump in a dig against Carlson.

Later the two clashed more as Carlson said he was having concerns about Eichenwald. As Eichenwald was flipping through his labeled binder, Carlson again laughed.

"I've never had an interview like this in my life!" Carlson exclaimed.

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