Trevor Noah Thinks There Are Four Founding Fathers and They're All on Mount Rushmore

Trevor Noah
April 8, 2016

Daily Show host Trevor Noah appeared to think Thursday night that the United States had just four Founding Fathers and all of them were memorialized on Mount Rushmore.

Of course, there are far more than four people considered to hold that title for the U.S. Also, while Mount Rushmore depicts George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, it also has Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, neither of whom were alive when the country was founded.

Juan Williams, a liberal Fox News personality who frequently appears on shows such as The Five and The O'Reilly Factor, was Noah's guest to discuss his book We The People. The cover of the book features a Rushmore-like depiction of famous Americans Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Billy Graham.

"What's fascinating about this book is you're delving into the world of history, showing us, I guess, how we came to be here," Noah said, beginning at the 3:21 mark in the clip above. "It really is a fascinating story, because whenever someone thinks of the Founding Fathers of this nation, there are four. They're on a mountain.

"And yet, what you've done in this book is you almost argued that there are more founders that don't have their faces on mountains."

Williams did not make a big show of correcting Noah, who was born in South Africa, but he did gently point out there are far more than four people considered to be Founding Fathers of the United States.

"Oh yeah, well, Mt. Rushmore," Williams said. "Normally you think of the Founding Fathers Jefferson, Washington. Here on the cover of my book, I've got Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Thurgood Marshall and the idea is ... And there's more than four.

"When people talk about the Founding Fathers, you've got about 50 people who signed the Declaration of Independence and others who were at the Constitutional Convention."

As the left-wing standard bearer for a show that was more popular and influential under predecessor Jon Stewart, Noah often mocks Republicans for being stupid.

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