Tim Allen: 'I'm What They Call Fiscal Conservative'

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

September 28, 2015

Hollywood actor Tim Allen told Fox News last week he considers himself a "fiscal conservative" in the mold of his character Mike Baxter on the ABC show Last Man Standing.

Baxter is a conservative-minded father who struggles to maintain his grip on manhood in a home full of women, and he posts video blogs expounding on his various political views. In a clip showed on Hannity's show, Baxter quips, "You see, the world is kind of the opposite of Hillary Clinton. It actually gets less scary the better you know it."

"I look at the character Mike Baxter. He's a conservative dad. He's got a conservative blog, a web blog," Hannity said. "I'm thinking, how close to Tim Allen is Mike Baxter?"

"Well, I'm what they call fiscal conservative," Allen said. "I like problem-solving ... How are we going to pay for this? My family's all about that."

Allen relayed a story of going to a Democratic fundraiser, ("because I'm a comedian, I get invited to these things") where he overheard someone saying there was a way where "we can spend our way out of debt."

"That's not a particularly Republican point of view," Allen said, adding Baxter's character is a "lot of me." He said liberals mainly write the show but that nobody makes fun of liberals better than other liberals "when they're on their game."

Allen is known best for voicing the character Buzz Lightyear in the hit Toy Story trilogy and playing Tim Taylor on the popular comedy Home Improvement in the '90s.

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