This Week in Leftist Intimidation and Violence Vol. 6

Protesters in Portland / Getty Images

As Election Day approaches and the first presidential debate dominated the news cycle, protests this week featured more violence, including a Black Lives Matter supporter who drove a car through a crowd of pro-Trump protesters. And while newly released figures show the high financial cost of riots in Portland, the Associated Press decided this week to discourage describing the urban violence across America as "rioting."

5. BLM Leader: 'I Feel Like Breaking Some S—, I Feel Like Taking Some S—'

Jahdi, a hip-hop artist and prominent left-wing activist, rapped about smashing property and robbing people during a Black Lives Matter concert in downtown Portland, where rioting and looting have become a regular feature of life.

4. Associated Press Discourages the Word 'Riot' and Says Protest May Be 'Peaceful or Violent'

The Associated Press published new guidelines that discourage the use of the word "riot" and expand the definitions of the words "demonstration" and "protest" to include violent actions.

3. Portland Spends $8 Million Responding to Anti-Police Riots | Washington Free Beacon

The Portland Police Bureau spent nearly $8 million to respond to protests and riots this summer, as protesters in Portland continue their push to defund the police.

2. Officers Assaulted During Unlawful Assembly in Portland

One Portland police sergeant was sent to the hospital Monday after protesters attacked several officers with chemical irritants, baseball bats, and rocks, while police seized other weapons at the scene.

1. Woman Arrested for Driving Into Pro-Trump Demonstration and Injuring Several

A Black Lives Matter supporter is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder after driving through a crowd of Trump supporters, running over a woman's head, and breaking a man's legs.

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