This Week in Leftist Intimidation and Violence Vol. 5

A Los Angeles driver attempts to escape a mob of protesters / Twitter video screenshot
September 27, 2020

Molotov cocktails flew in cities across the United States this week. In Portland, protesters justified looting because "property doesn't bleed," while vandalism and violence rocked Seattle, the former home of "CHOP" and now a jurisdiction deemed by the Department of Justice to permit anarchy.

Here are some of the week's most striking examples of leftist violence and intimidation tactics.

6. Portland ‘Protester’ Justifies Looting Businesses Because ‘Property Doesn’t Bleed’ | CNN

A protester in Portland, Ore., told CNN, "Property doesn’t bleed, but I do. If ending systematic oppression means a store gets burnt or looted, and nobody’s hurt, how is that any worse than living in a situation where I have to fear for my life every day?"

5. BLM Mob Threatens Florida Diners and Drivers | Tampa Bay Times

Protesters accosted diners in St. Petersburg, Fla., chanting "stand up, fight back" and driving diners from their table.

Tampa Bay Times reporter Josh Fiallo also filmed protesters attacking a car, and at least one of the assailants recorded was also at the restaurant.

4. Kentucky Democrat Arrested for Rioting After Group Smashes Library Windows | Daily Mail

Attica Scott, a Democratic state representative in Kentucky, was arrested along with her daughter for unlawful assembly and first degree rioting after a group of protesters wrecked a public library in Louisville. Scott and the others were arrested in the parking lot of a unitarian church nearby, and Scott has since been released from jail.

3. Vandalism and Anti-Police Violence Rock Former Home of ‘CHOP’

It may not have an "autonomous zone" anymore, but Seattle is dealing with waves of increased violence that are pervasive enough that the Department of Justice censured it for "permitting anarchy," as videos from the scene suggest. In one, protesters surveyed a smashed Starbucks, and a black woman confronted them and said, "Who the f— are you doing this for?"

2. Prius Driver Survives Harrowing Chase Through L.A. Streets | KCAL-TV

Chopper video from Los Angeles captured a driver desperately trying to escape a mob of protesters who tried to prevent him from driving on the road and then chased after him when he got clear of them. LAPD says the incident is under investigation.

1. Louisville Police Officers Shot During Black Lives Matter Protest

As anti-police violence and rhetoric continues, two Louisville officers were shot responding to reports of gunfire during large-scale protests against the lack of charges in the case of Breonna Taylor's death. Both officers survived, and suspect Larynzo Johnson is charged with 2 counts of first-degree assault of a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment. He pleaded not guilty.

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