Schumer Says Maher's Misogyny Doesn't Matter: 'He's on at 11 at night'

STEPHANOPOULOS:  Sen. Schumer, let me follow up on that. Because you--this has clearly become a Democratic theme this year and several Democrats made a lot of hay with the comments of Rush Limbaugh last week, but some Republicans are seeing hypocrisy there. I want to show a bit of an ad by a group called She PAC. It’s aligned with Sarah Palin. They're saying that the Democrats should be asking Bill Maher the comedian to turn back the $1 million he gave to the super PAC because of his history of attacks on women. Take a look.

VIDEO CLIP (AD):  Bill Maher here. Sarah Palin agreed to do commentary at Fox News, which is actually very similar to her day job, talking to a baby with down syndrome. Speaking of dumb [redacted], it's not because they have breasts, it's because they are boobs.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  Should Democrats give the money back?

SEN. SCHUMER:  Well, no, I mean, look the bottom line is, Rush Limbaugh's comments were just nasty and directed at a particular young woman, who had a particular point of view and was expressing herself. Bill Maher is a comedian. He's on at 11:00 at night but has very little influence on what's happening here. So, again, they're sort of in a hole and they're always trying to look for excuses.