O’Reilly Discusses WFB’s Reporting On Ecuador PR Firm Paying Liberal US Celebrities

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly discussed a Washington Free Beacon report on a Public Relations firm that paid actress Mia Farrow more than $188,000 to promote an Ecuadorian lawsuit against Chevron.

The Brooklyn-based PR firm MCSquared paid a combined $500,000 to both Farrow and actor Danny Glover to travel to Ecuador to highlight the environmental damage caused by Chevron oil. The scheme was revealed after Free Beacon staff writer Lachlan Markay reported that MCSquared had failed to disclose a PR contract with the Ecuadorian government in June.

"The whole point was that they wanted to put a face on their environmental cause to try and drum up support," Fox News analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle said. "They wanted people that are identifiable, Hollywood celebrities, that would champion the cause."

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Fox News legal analyst Liz Wiehl described the case as a "bunco scheme" and pointed out that a New York judge had ruled it "a fraud."