MSNBC Contributor: Last 15 Minutes of Obama’s MSNBC Interview ‘Were Extraordinary’

Segment included Obama talking about Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

• December 5, 2013 8:27 pm


MSNBC contributor and Huffington Post reporter called the last 15 minutes of President Obama's interview with Chris Matthews "extraordinary" during a panel discussion Thursday night on Hardball, gushing "he made the moral case for Obamacare."

That segment included talking about Obama's opinions of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

As MSNBC's not known for its balance, the panel included liberal pundit Joy Reid and Mother Jones reporter David Corn. Fineman was also overwhelmed by Obama's ability to make "a very compelling case for his own decency."

Full exchange:

HOWARD FINEMAN: i would like to say that you and the students here from AU got a once in a lifetime opportunity to see in person a president talking about what it's like to be president, while he's actually president. Now, he's gone from Superman to Sisyphus. He's talking about rolling a boulder up the hill. He has a much more mature view, but he has a moral view. I thought he made the moral case for Obamacare, for you folks to consider Obamacare as a measure of community in America. That's what motivates Barack Obama. He knows it's tough —

CHRIS MATTHEWS: And he lifted up. He lifted up when he talked about —

FINEMAN: The last 15 minutes of this interview were extraordinary. I've never seen anything like it, where a president kind of unburdened himself to you about why he's in the ball game. And I thought he made a very compelling case for his own decency, whatever the screw-ups were managerially, and they were real.

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