Massive Bee Attack Leaves Dog Dead

Police and exterminator called after bee hive housing up to 300,000 bees attacks people, dogs

KWTX reports a bee hive housing an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 bees was destroyed Monday afternoon after police were called out by a woman who had been stung several times.

Police got a call just before noon on Monday about a situation in the Waco neighborhood. The woman reported that a bee hive had been disturbed and that she had been stung several times.

Animal control and police arrived on the scene, but they were unable to get into the backyard, because of the number and aggressive nature of the bees. There were also three dogs in the yard, but they could not get to them to check on them.

Beekeepers and an exterminator were called, along with the fire department, and all received stings. The bee hive was located inside the walls of a backyard shed.

Experts on the scene estimated there were between 200,000 and 300,000 bees. Because of the number and aggressive nature of the bees, authorities decided to destroy the hive, with help of the exterminator. Animal control reports that while many of the bees were destroyed, a number of worker bees escaped or were out and might be seen around the neighborhood for a few days.

Three dogs were recovered from the backyard. One was dead, one was critical, and the third was injured, but is expected to live.