Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‏Endorses the University of Michigan Wolverines

Getty Images
October 16, 2018

In a Tuesday tweet, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his best wishes to the University of Michigan Wolverines football team.

Ahmadinejad, whose English-language Twitter account often weighs in on controversial and divisive American political issues, tweeted in September to defend former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. "The #NFL season will start this week, unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster," he tweeted.

In response, a man named "Fred" from Ann Arbor complained about the Michigan Wolverines, who had lost to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish only two days earlier. "Dear Mahmoud, [we] have much bigger problems here. #Michigan is 8-8 in its last 16 games under [Coach Jim Harbaugh]," Fred complained. "Also, college football is the only authentic football."

A month later, Ahmadinejad responded. "With a hard work ethic Inshallah the U of M will return to its glory days," he wrote (Inshallah being Arabic for "God willing").

Ahmadinejad left office in 2013 after years of international criticism over unfair elections, disregard for human rights, frequent threats to destroy Israel, and his support of an Iranian nuclear program.

Since their loss to the Fighting Irish, Michigan has racked up a six wins in a row, most recently over the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Now ranked No. 6 in the AP and Coaches polls, Michigan takes on their perennial rival Michigan State this coming Saturday.