Hillary Clinton Refuses To Give Supporter A Hug


Hillary Clinton may have insulted a supporter and Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) at the same time on Tuesday in Nevada when she refused to give the supporter a hug.

Instead of asking a question, the enthusiastic volunteer for the Democratic frontrunner passed along a message from Booker and requested a hug on his behalf.

"I have a message from you from Senator Cory Booker. I went to his town hall two weeks ago, he told me he loves you to death. If I was coming today, which I am and I'm a volunteer for you and I am all about Mr. Obama and you. He said to get a hug and he can't wait to see it. So I am here to get that hug and I am going to get it," the Clinton supporter.

Clinton laughed and told the volunteer to wait until after the event for her hug.

"I'll tell you what, you do me a favor because I love Cory Booker, and you know why now as you saw. You will sit down right there and when I finish with my ‘q and a' I will give you that hug, I promise," Clinton said.

The Democratic frontrunner stood less than a foot away from the supporter, and had her hand on the volunteer’s shoulder already.

Clinton has been struggling in the polls that ask if voters believe if she is authentic and trustworthy. She then went on to have a testy press conference where she squabbled with Fox News reporter Ed Henry and made a bad joke about whether a question about her wiping her server involved a cloth, the Washington Post reported:

Under the best possible reading, Clinton's response to whether she "wiped" the server — "like with a cloth or something?" — is evidence of a lack of technological know-how. Which is fine. But it's hard for me to believe that, amid tons and tons of questions about what was/is on the server and whether the server was purposely erased over the last many months, Clinton is entirely unaware of what the term "wipe" means in this context. A

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