Greatest Living American Turns 110

Says the keys to a long life are "Cigars and God"

Richard Overton / Patrick Chovanec

Richard Overton, Greatest Living American and Free Beacon 2014 Man of the Year, turned 110 on Wednesday.

The World War II veteran has gained fame and acclaim due to his love of whiskey, cigars, and guns. Despite being born in 1906, Overton regularly hosts people at his Austin home including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. He's even been honored at the White House by President Obama.

The veteran of Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima still leads an active lifestyle that includes driving and mowing his own lawn. Overton has often been asked what his secret is. "Cigars and God," was the answer he recently gave to Fox 7. "He's the manager and when he says you go, you go, and when he says you stay, you stay."

Whiskey is another key ingredient in keeping healthy, according to Overton who still puts it in his morning coffee. "Whiskey’s a good medicine," he once told Fox News. "It keeps your muscles tender."

He has a large gun collection and even sleeps with a loaded pistol by his bedside. "I lay one of those things right there by my bed when I go to sleep," Overton told of an old police revolver he owns. "That’s my friend."

Overton is now believed by many to be the oldest living World War II combat veteran. He says he's feeling just fine. "I’ve been here for 109 years," Overton told KXAN over the weekend. "I don’t have no pains, no aches, no nothing."