Former NFL Player Swims Nine Miles to Shore After Falling Out of Fishing Boat

A former Miami Dolphin running back definitely lived up to his old team's mascot this week. After Rob Konrad fell of his fishing boat off the coast of Florida, he managed to swim nine miles to the Palm Beach shore, WPBF reports.

Konrad, a fullback with the Dolphins from 1999 to 2004, said he was alone on his 36-foot boat when he fell off trying to reel in a fish. The boat was idling at the time, and Konrad said he couldn't reach it. He was then forced to make the swim all the way to safety in the dark:

More than 10 hours later, he made it ashore in Palm Beach, and walked up to the oceanfront mansion of the late Palm Beach attorney Robert Montgomery, where he told a police officer what happened.

A source said Konrad was barefoot and wearing only his underwear at the time. He was taken to a hospital and treated for signs of hypothermia.

He told police that he saw the Coast Guard helicopter's search light go past him in the ocean, but the spotters didn't see him.

According to Fox News and the Palm Beach Post, his friends contacted the Coast Guard when he didn't come back from the trip, leading to the helicopter search. At 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning, a spokesman told the paper, "the Coast Guard was preparing another search when they were contacted by Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies, who told them that Konrad had been located."

He was treated for hypothermia and then released. According to ESPN, he declined to speak with local media about the experience.

Konrad played college football at Syracuse and now runs a financial consulting business.

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