Colbert Gifts Clinton Unused Jokes Written for Her Presumed Presidential Victory

• September 20, 2017 12:15 pm


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared Tuesday night on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert," where Colbert revealed a packet of jokes written for her predicted 2016 election victory that he was unable to use following her loss.

The late night host told Clinton he had a gift for her, and proceeded to take out a folder with a bow on it that read, "Election Vault Unused Clinton Victory Jokes."

"On election night, we did a live show on Showtime, and I’m sure you didn't catch it," Colbert said. "But I found out, right sitting on this chair, with that man over there telling me what states were coming in, that our next president was going to be Donald J. Trump. And I was not happy about this. The audience that night, was, honest to God, on the edge of tears in this room. It was like we were all at a funeral in this room."

The CBS late-night talk show host went on to say that one of his biggest "regrets" about that night was he had a whole folder of worthless jokes as a result of her defeat.

Colbert told Clinton he wanted her to have all of the jokes that would have celebrated a woman becoming president that night, including a picture of naked men with "I’m With Her" written across their bare butts.

"One of the things we were going to do that night to celebrate now that a women was in charge, is that we were going to have naked men on the stage," Colbert said while showing Clinton a picture of the men.

"Oh my God," Clinton said while laughing and covering her eyes.

Colbert then showed the picture to the audience where each butt cheek contained a letter of her campaign slogan.

The late night host said she could put the jokes in a secure vault, and no one would ever see them.

"I wish we could have told those jokes," Colbert said.

"Me too," Clinton responded.

Colbert finished out the segment by saying, "I wish you were our president."