Braxton Bielski And His Record-Setting, 14-foot-3-inch, 800-Pound Alligator.

• May 17, 2013 1:19 pm


Talk about beginner's luck. Texas high school senior Braxton Bielski has set the record for the largest alligator ever bagged. The record-setting alligator was 14-foot-3-inch, 800-pound. What is even more impressive is that this was Braxton’s first time hunting alligator. Braxton doesn’t know if he will be able to top this alligator, but says he will try.

REPORTER: A Katy teenager now holds the record for the largest alligator ever caught in the state of Texas. And talk about beginner's luck. What’s even more amazing is that this was his first time going gator hunting. We want to show it to you. This is the 14-foot, 800-pound alligator, caught by Braxton Bielski. The 18-year-old said he has waited for years to get his alligator-hunting license. Texas only grants a few of those each year. And this year, he and his dad got theirs. Their he is posing with his catch. They caught the big guy, during a public hunt at a wildlife area near corpus.

BRAXTON BIELSKI: Everybody’s face is just like, oh, my gosh. This gator is killed in this lake, where their fishing and letting their pets swim around. I don't know if I’ll be able to top a 14-foot alligator, but I’ll definitely try. You know it was really fun.

REPORTER: Wow. That is unbelievable as you look at that giant creature. The Bielski also caught a 10 1/2-foot alligator, which is pretty huge, but it pales in comparison. They sold both to a meat processor, but the teenager gets to keep the skull of the record catch as a souvenir. so decades later when he is tell his grandkids, he will have the skull to prove it.

ANCHOR: Even with a hunting weapon I don't think I would go after an animal that big.

REPORTER: I know. Wow

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