68-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Scares Off Home Invaders With .45 Sidearm, Warns Them Not to Come Back

"Enter at your own risk"

Michael Barrett / The Gazette

"It was like a keystone ‘Cops' scene," Joseph Sapienza told the Gaston Gazette's Michael Barrett. "When they saw the .45, one ran one way up the street, and the other went the other way."

Sapienza, a 68-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran, faced two masked home invaders Thursday after strapping his gun to his walker and moving toward the sound of someone ransacking his home. He said he thought the would-be thieves may have considered him an easy target due to his disability.

"People see me as an easy mark," he told the Gazette. "They probably thought, ‘We’re going to get this man’s money.’"

Once the robbers saw that Sapienza was armed, that calculation changed.

He wanted to make sure they learned their lesson, so he posted a note to the men who broke into his home warning them not to come back: "I see you tried to break in, took my lock off the door," the note says. "That's OK. You try to break in my house again, I will be waiting on you."

"Enter at your own risk."

Joseph Sapienza's Note

(Michael Barrett/The Gazette)