102-Year-Old Woman Finally Granted PhD Denied to her by the Nazis

University of Hamburg / AP

A 102-year old German neonatologist was finally able to obtain her Ph.D. by passing an exam the Nazis had denied her access to 77 years ago over her Jewish heritage.

Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport reportedly passed the exam last Wednesday and received her degree from the University of Hamburg.

"This is about principle, not about me," she told the Daily Tagesspiegel, according to a translation by the Times of Israel. "I did not defend the work for my own sake; that whole situation was not easy for me at 102 years old. I did it for the victims."

"The university wanted to make amends for wrongs and has shown great patience, for which I am grateful."

The Nazi interference meant that Syllm-Rapoport had to spend two years studying in America before she could practice medicine. However, she was able have an accomplished career and retired as the head of Charite Hospital's Neonatology Department.