WATCH: Amy Coney Barrett Claps Back at Pro-Abortion Protester

April 12, 2022

Justice Amy Coney Barrett during an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library had the perfect comeback for a heckler who called her "an enslaver of women."

The justice was on hand to discuss the Supreme Court's business and her experience in the law when a demonstrator interrupted her remarks. The program resumed after a short pause.

"Fortunately, as a mother of seven I am used to distractions and sometimes even outbursts," the justice said of the interruption.

The heckler, Luna Hernandez, called Barrett's burn "infantilizing" in a statement she issued via a pro-abortion group called RiseUp4AbortionRights.

"This kind of demeaning and infantilizing of women is in line with her whole Christian fascist program—subordinating the legal status of women to no more than incubators," Hernandez said.

During the event, Barrett also joked that she evaded reporters camped outside her church during the Supreme Court selection process by hopping a fence next to the church rectory.

"And when I dropped down on the other side, I see our associate pastor, who says, 'Amy, what are you doing in our vegetable garden?'"