This Week in Campus Insanity Vol. 34

Georgetown University's Healy Hall on the day of the Cardinal O'Connor Conference (Elizabeth Schnolis)
March 6, 2021

Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education. 

6. Georgetown Student Bar Association Asks Students to List Pronouns ‘In Solidarity’ with Transgender Peers | Washington Free Beacon

Georgetown Law School’s Student Bar Association asked law students to stand "in solidarity and support" of their transgender and "nonbinary" peers by listing their preferred pronouns on social media and online meeting platforms. 

5. University of Michigan 'Liberation Front' Demands Removal of Sabra Hummus and End to Israel Trips | Campus Reform

The Students of Color Liberation front at the University of Michigan issued a 15-page list of demands, which include pro-Palestinian causes like replacing Sabra hummus sold in the cafeteria with a "locally-sourced, Arab-owned" brand and ending university-sponsored trips to Israel.

4. University of Minnesota to Require Course on Racial, Social Justice for Incoming Undergrads | The College Fix

The University of Minnesota’s student senate voted to add a course requirement on "Race, Power, and Justice in the United States." Incoming freshman this fall will be required to take the course to graduate. 

3. New York University Professor Says Black Students Aren’t Safe in U.S. Schools  | The Daily Wire

David Kirkland, a professor of English and the Vice Dean of Equity at New York University, tweeted that he was fearful of reopening schools and said that black students are unsafe regardless of the coronavirus and efforts to vaccinate teachers.

2. Virginia Tech Student Docked Points For Saying Black Panthers Discriminates Against Whites, Jews | Campus Reform

A Virginia Tech teaching assistant docked points from a conservative student’s essay because she pointed out that the New Black Panther Party "encouraged violence" toward white and Jewish people. While the Southern Poverty Law Center designates the Black Panther Party as a hate group because it is "virulently racist and antisemitic," the teaching assistant grading the essay said that "white people cannot experience racism." 

1. Tulane’s Sex Week Features Racially Segregated ‘Black Sex’ Event | The College Fix

Tulane University’s sex week featured an event designated only for black students to discuss "femme-identifying" and nonbinary students’ sex experiences on campus. The event also featured a free sex toy giveaway. 

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