This Week in Campus Insanity Vol. 32

Harvard University
February 20, 2021

Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education. 

6. Community College in Oregon Offers Free Tuition for Black and Native American Students Only | Campus Reform

Wayfinding Academy, a community college in Portland, Oregon, now offers free tuition—but only for black and Native American students. The school has no plan for how they will afford the move, but one spokesman said they will "figure it out."  

5. Harvard Cancels Course on Innovative Policing Tactics After Student Activists Complain | The College Fix

Harvard University buckled under pressure from anti-police student activists who demanded the school cancel a course on "Counter-Criminal Continuum" policing—a policing strategy intended to foster trust between the police and members of the community.  

4. Syracuse Claims ‘Identity-Based’ Student Housing is ‘Open to All’ | Campus Reform

In a list of "Campus Commitments," Syracuse University said it would create housing options for students based on their gender identity. The school will also create an "Indigenous Living Learning Community" for Native American students. 

3. Ohio State University Hosts ‘Sex Week’ Sponsored by Planned Parenthood | The Daily Wire

A group of student sex advocates at Ohio State University hosted their third annual sex week, where they exposed students to sex work, abortion, kinks, and "Decolonizing Porn." To finish off the week, a panel of "OnlyFans content creators" will give students tips on posting nude photos online for cash.   

2. Northwestern’s Black History Month Program Includes Lesson on BDSM | Washington Free Beacon

A "two spirit black and indigenous facilitator and healer" taught Northwestern University students how bondage and polygamy can be used to achieve "black sexual liberation" at a Black History Month event. 

1. Harvard Docs Say Trillions in Reparations Needed to Address COVID | Washington Free Beacon

A team of doctors at Harvard Medical School conducted a study that found that $250,000 in reparations payments to individual black Americans would have mitigated the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. One researcher said reparations "could have been as effective as a vaccine" in the fight against COVID-19. 

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