This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 23

December 13, 2020

Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education.

6. Mississippi State Professor Says Collective Parenting Is Better Than Traditional Parenting | Campus Reform

Sociology professor Margaret Hagerman suggested a "collective approach to parenting" as a potential solution to racism, since white families foster bigotry.

5. Ohio State University Employs 100+ Diversity Workers, Costing $10 Million-Plus Per Year | The College Fix

A University of Michigan researcher found that Ohio State University employs more than 100 "diversity workers," which costs the university around $10 million per year.

4. Stanford Appoints 'Antifacist' Organizer to Lead Free-Speech Council | Breitbart 

Stanford professor David Palumbo-Liu, who cofounded the "Campus Antifascist Network" in 2017, was named the head of a committee on campus climate and free speech.

3. Masturbation Advocate Speaks at Christian College About 'Sexual Racism' | Alpha News

Instagram influencer and sex activist Autumn Morris promoted sex toys and masturbation to St. Olaf College students in an online Zoom lecture on "sexual racism."

2. Cornell Offers 'Person of Color' Exemption to Flu Vaccine Requirement | Campus Reform

Students at Cornell University can use their status as "people of color" to be exempt from the university's flu vaccine requirement.

1. Georgia State University Women's Group Offers 10 Pronoun Options on Application | Washington Free Beacon 

A women's professional-development group at Georgia State University provided 10 pronoun options—including male pronouns—for students to select on their membership application.

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