Weinstein Launches Leo into Outer Space

Harvey Weinstein wants to follow-up arranging Michelle Obama’s guest appearance at the Oscars by launching Leonardo DiCaprio into outer space.

The Democratic leviathan was able to hustle from a bidder a cool $1.5 million that will be donated to an AIDS charity. Weinstein then topped that, bringing in $2.3 million for a second pair of seats. The private space shuttle service that DiCaprio and his merry band of moneybags will be using is Virgin Galactic, the fledgling space tourism venture that in 500 years will become the Galactic Empire, headed by wannabe Choom Gang member and international tycoon Richard Branson.

Weinstein has of late been deploying his fundraising machine in the service of the Democratic National Committee and President Obama. Just last week, Obama visited Weinstein’s West Village castle for a fundraiser that set back the 65 guests between $16,200 and $20,000 a plate. At the fundraiser, Obama praised Weinstein’s "amazing movies," one of which is the DiCaprio-as-a-slaver vehicle "Django Unchained." Not everyone liked that movie.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Weinstein also joked that many in the film business might love to see him fly to space as well, ‘but only on a one-way ticket.'

No way Harvey's going to wind up lost in space. Obama would restart the space shuttle just to bring back his sugar daddy.