TRIGGERED: Dem Senator Tired of Being Owned by Trump's Tweets

Decided to abstain from the president's Twitter feed

July 29, 2019

Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) posted an important announcement on the popular social media website Twitter over the weekend.

Tired of being constantly owned, along with all other libs, by President Donald J. Trump's witty barbs, Murphy has decided to abstain from the president's Twitter feed, which he described as "hate-filled, racist and demeaning." Reading it, he said, "regularly ruins my day."

"I can't believe I just typed that," the senator typed, shortly before pressing the "tweet" button to make his declaration public.

Trump's feed is one of the most popular on the entire Twitter website, with more than 62 million followers. Kim Kardashian West, by comparison, has 61 million followers.

As of this writing, Sen. Murphy continues to follow one of the most controversial and loathsome figures in American politics.