Free Beacon MERRY CHRISTMAS Gift Guide: MAGA Edition

Christmas is just around the corner. Liberals are emboldened by the Democratic Party's success in the midterm elections, so expect them to spare no effort in their assault on America's favorite holiday. It's important to remain vigilant, but also to celebrate the spirit of giving. The Free Beacon‘s 2018 MERRY Christmas Gift Guide (MAGA Edition) is here to help.

1) Start your spring semester in style with this kick-ass sweatshirt! ($28.45)

2) Adorn your home with this terrifying reminder that a criminal walks among us! ($24.95)

3) You're never too young to start owning libs! ($26.75)

4) This epic tank speaks for itself! ($34.10)

5) Don't forget the real meaning of Christmas with this heartwarming tee! ($19.95)

6) Boost your confidence in these nifty trunks! ($19.99)

7) Trigger your neighbors in this trendy number! ($24.95)

8) Chase down protesters in these patriotic kicks! ($79.95)

9) Spice up your foyer with these adorable nesting dolls! ($19.90)

10) Make your yoga studio great again in these fabulous leggings! ($67.00)

11) Own the road with this "politically incorrect" bumper sticker! ($3.95)

12) Trumpy Bear! (Just 2 Easy Payments of $19.95 Plus S&H)

13) This Mike Pence jigsaw puzzle is loads of fun for the whole family! ($25.00)

14) Add some zest to your living room with this classy pillow! ($32.85)

15) Hit the gym in this assertive tank top! ($9.99)

16) Impress your dinner guests with this stunning canvas print! ($323.00)

17) No man cave is complete without this poster! ($19.99)

18) Put your dweeby little socialist nephew in his place with this trenchant tee! ($22.99)

19) A life-size cardboard cut out of the First Lady? Yes, please! ($37.95)

20) This shirt is guaranteed to melt some snowflakes! ($12.99)

21) So is this sweatshirt! ($35.99)

22) You might be a lib if you aren't transfixed by this male romper!  ($79.99)

23) Hate America? Then don't buy this Free Beacon tactical vest from the Biff Diddle collection! ($199.99

24) Every hour is Happy Hour with this magnificent flask! (Price Upon Request)

25) Snuggle up to Daddy under this awe-inspiring blanket! (Price Upon Request)