This Poll Is Bad News for Hillary Clinton

A significant number of voters are hesitant to elect a senior citizen

• May 6, 2015 1:47 pm


The bad news keeps piling up for Hillary Clinton. A new poll published Tuesday found that many voters have at least some reservations about voting for an old person. For context, Hillary Clinton would be 69 years old if elected in 2016, which would make her one of the oldest world leaders in history.

The poll, conducted on behalf of NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, found that more than a third of voters (36 percent) are either "very uncomfortable" or "have some reservations" about voting for a candidate who is over the age of 65, a demographic that includes the two formally declared Democratic candidates (Clinton and Bernie Sanders, 73), as well as two of the other Democrats likely to join the race (Joe Biden, 72, and Jim Webb, 69). Only 10 percent admitted being "enthusiastic" about the prospect of an elderly president.

We can presume that voters watched senior celebrities such as Harrison Ford, ZZ Top, and Madonna injure themselves on account of their old age, and have begun to doubt whether old people are fit to lead. Meanwhile, Jordan Spieth, 21, recently won the Master’s golf tournament. It’s unlikely that Hillary could have beaten him had she opted to play.

On the other hand, Hillary is the preferred candidate of America’s millionaires. So she's got that going for her.