Shorter Harvey Weinstein: 'I'm a Liberal, Maybe Gimme a Pass?'

'Let's see who buys this' — Harvey Weinstein, probably
October 5, 2017

So, there's a lot of odious stuff in the New York Times' hard-hitting piece on film executive Harvey Weinstein's decades of scummy behavior. You should really read the whole article. I don't feel the need to highlight any individual part of it. It's all amazing, especially his fixer Lisa Bloom's remarkable hypocrisy.

I do want to note just one thing, however. Here's the conclusion of a statement he provided to the Times:

This is grotesquely brazen. Because it's so transparently obvious what Harvey Weinstein is saying here: "Guys, I'm a liberal, I'm going to go after the NRA, I'm going to make a movie that's about how terrible Trump is, I'm giving money to liberal causes, whaddaya say about maybe giving me a pass here, huh?"

I would be flabbergasted by the brazenness of it all if I hadn't just read several thousand words about him trying to get well-known actresses to give him rubdowns in the nude or trying to get a pass from grabbing the breasts of models and writing it off as, hey, just part of my job. What a remarkable scumbag. What a disgusting ploy.

Now let's see who falls for it.