Kate Upton Plays Golf (Photos)

Kate Upton Golf
September 19, 2013

Tiger Woods has been in quite the slump when he makes it to the green. The former "Best Golfer Alive Since The Last One Retired" can't sink a putt to save his life. Eldrick may want to peep December’s issue of Golf Digest to see who Arnold Palmer calls to get the swagger back.

What can't Kate Upton do?

Kate Upton Instagram
Kate Upton Instagram

Even legends have off days.
Arnie Miss

Kate is ready to assist Palmer with his putting. It's all in the wrist.
Kate Wrist

Kate's touch stiffens the King's shot.
Kate Arnie

Here, Arnie gestures on behalf of America.
Arnie Thumbs

When an American hero calls, Kate Upton answers.
Kate Club

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