The Injustice of Justice League and Thanksgiving Bracketology (New Substandard!)

In this special Substandard Thanksgiving episode (subscribe, tell your friends, leave a review), we spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting Justice League. Sonny rehashes his Beacon review, pointing out all its many flaws while JVL likens it to Suicide Squad. Yes, he thought it was that bad. Sonny draws up a bracket for Thanksgiving dishes—apple versus pecan pie and whatnot. (This worked out surprisingly well despite some odd match-ups like turkey versus gravy.)

But wait, there's more! I regale my cohosts with details from my judging a whiskey competition last week. And they really couldn't have been happier for me! When I told Sonny that I spent five hours on a Wednesday sampling 30 glasses of American whiskey, well, the look on his face was priceless. Oddly, JVL wondered how I was qualified to judge. First, I drink a lot. Second, I spent a week on the Bourbon Trail. And third, I write about spirits—as you all know, once a journalist writes about something, he technically becomes an expert on that thing (quite similar to actors, really).

Did I mention woodshop update? The feeder is complete (the squirrels love it!), and I am now looking ahead to a January course on wood-working fundamentals. The end product is supposed to be a cutting board—maybe the kind I can sell at Williams Sonoma for $499.95.

FYI: This is an epic episode. It's well over an hour, but listeners have been telling us we need to do an extra-long show for that extra-long Thanksgiving holiday commute. And we care so much about the needs of our listeners, especially the ones who give us great reviews (we are now only a couple hundred away from The Remnant!).

The best part is, if your drive takes, say, three hours, you can listen to us twice. We swear the material does not get old!

Happy Thanksgiving.